Christmas Is Right Around the Corner

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Christmas is right around the corner and have you been naughty or nice? As I reflect on 2020, I see there have been major shifts in the collective energies as a whole. What do I mean by this? The changes we have been feeling and experiencing as a whole feel like we are moving into a new dimensional timeline on the planet. A timeline where we must be brave and take a leap of faith- moving closer to becoming our most authentic selves- as difficult as this may be at times. Sometimes this is scary because it is not what we are use to and we do not know what is around the corner. Really breaking free of chains that limit us from reaching our full potential is the ultimate goal.


Stepping out of our comfort zone, little by little, and transforming us into who we are meant to be will push us to start leading the lives we are meant to live. This may be different from situations we have been somewhat complacent and/or “stuck in” in the past due to necessity, status quo or feeling pressured by societal norms. It is when we truly tune into our intuition and go within, do we truly know what path is best for us- regardless of approval from others or not. However, remember, life is not about complacency or feeling comfortable- but expanding our consciousness to become the greatest version of ourselves. This expansion of consciousness is what pushes us to become not only empowered, but our greatest selves and fulfill the mission we are here to do.  Complacency or standing still is no longer allowed! Taking our power back is key to success on our journey. We are being called to step into the new to evolve the planet for the better! Get ready for shifts to transform for the better!


As I move forward on my own spiritual journey, I have become fascinated by astrology and how the planetary alignment affects us, how we feel and what we are experiencing in our current world. Eating well, exercising and balancing our mind, body and soul is crucial on our journey to weight loss transformation, as well as transformation of ourselves as a whole. When we step outside the “status quo” or so-called norm, we consider all options that are possible for us and our heart speaks more clearly to us. We feel free, in a world of constraints, yet understand we have a deeper knowing of where we need to go.


Through meditation, energy clearing, and really taking back our power, can we step foot on the path that will lead us to a greater fulfillment and aligns more closely with our soul’s calling. When we are out of alignment with our soul’s calling, we feel miserable, stressed, anxious, depressed, sad and have a deep inner knowing that we are not living up to who we are meant to be in this world. It is only when we truly tune into our soul’s calling can we feel the urgency to get on our correct path and sometimes God and the Universe may need to intervene to help get us where we need to be.


Spirituality as a whole has taught me these important principles and they are guiding me on my own path to spiritual awakening and “enlightenment.” I now understand that when things fall apart, or we experience “tower moments” as the spiritual community refers to, this is many times necessary done for good reason. Everything happens for a reason- there are no coincidences. God and the Universe may allow us to experience these tower moments to get us on our “correct” path and know that many times, it is hard- yet this is part of a divine plan or greater awareness that we are not aligning with our true soul’s calling. The calling we are meant to follow that will lead us to peace, happiness and joy!


Let Christmas time be a time of self- reflection and allow us to see what we’ve done in 2020 to help to lead us on our greatest path to becoming our most authentic selves. Having faith in God and the Universe and knowing that we are protected as long as we stay spiritually in tuned with our own path. Take care of your mind, body and soul by losing weight, living holistically, and transforming into the greatest version of ourselves is what is necessary to become our best selves. Book your appointment with Nutrition Wellness by calling 901-321-5033 and get your nutritional needs met by shopping on


Believe it and you will achieve it! Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


See you soon!


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