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So, March is officially National Nutrition Month! Let’s celebrate! The theme this year is focused on the importance of making informed, healthy decisions about food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits.

The actual theme is “Eat right, bite by bite.” I love this theme because it sums up pretty much what we should be doing on a regular basis- eating right, bite by bite.

I think “eat right” is self-explanatory and it refers to focusing on incorporating more of the healthful foods into our diet on a daily basis. The “bite by bite” focuses on the mindfulness aspect of being in the moment, enjoying the eating experience, as well as the satisfying food itself. Being present and understanding eating should be a gratifying experience, utilizing food as fuel, is what it is all about.

Not overindulging and making it a pleasurable experience is vital to success!

We are all capable of achieving our weight loss goals and with Nutrition Wellness, this is what I focus on- sound eating and physical activity to start you on your journey to transforming into the greatest version of yourself!

Okay, so some tips to eating healthy in National Nutrition Month! Let’s try some of these and let me know how it goes.

Ways to Celebrate National Nutrition Month

  • Visit a local Farmer’s Market and buy some fruits and vegetables. It’s always pretty fun to visit a local farmer’s market and check out what’s there. Buy some delicious fruits and vegetables.


  • Incorporate a new vegetable into your weekly meal plan.


  • Drink 8 glasses of water a day.


  • Try quinoa instead of rice and pasta for the added protein.


  • Plant an herb garden.


  • Replace a cup of coffee with a cup of green tea.


  • Eat a variety of colors – Challenge yourself and your kids to eat as many colors of fruits and vegetables as you can each day.


  • Try a healthy, new recipe each week. Get creative and start experimenting with new recipes to eat.


  • Incorporate some healthy Your plant based protein products such as Super Greens, Forever Beautiful, Detox Bundle sold on my website at  You can add these products into your smoothies, water, yogurt, protein shakes. I do on a daily basis!


  • Call Nutrition Wellness at 901-321-5033 to schedule your nutrition consult and get ready to lose weight and transform into the greatest version of yourself!


You are all amazing and I hope to see you soon! Take care for now and have a blessed day.


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