Align your Actions With Your Intentions: Transform Into The Greatest Version of Yourself by Maria Khaled RD, LD

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Today’s spiritual message that I talked about is the importance of aligning our actions with our intentions in order to become our most authentic self and truly transform into our greatest versions. Pay attention to energies around you and energy exchanges and really tune in to how they make you feel. If something does not feel right, know that it is not for you and walk away. This can always be done in a kind manner and it is so important to how we align we our most authentic selves and truly transform for the greatest good.

Simply put, if something does not resonate or feel intuitively aligned with you, know that it is not for you. I remember back in the day, before I was awakened and enlightened, I was a people pleaser. As an empath, I had a tendency to put others’ needs and wants before my own just for the sake of pleasing them or expecting some sort of validation. I do not believe I realized at the time how much I have been forsaking my own needs and wants. Luckily, through my own divine journey, I now know better.

Now, as an awakened and enlightened individual, I am much more discerning when it comes to reading others’ energy and understanding their intentions. I have a keener sense of intention and see through manipulation of energies, illusions, confusion tactics, and overall what does not resonate with my core beliefs or values. 

As a lightworker, chosen one, starseed, healer or overall high vibrational being, truly aligning our actions with our intentions will help us align mind, body and soul on our journey to transforming into the greatest version of ourselves.

Being empathic is not something you can fake. Even if you do, the mask will eventually fall and your authentic self will show through. The more we release masks and align with our true desires, goals, intentions and what we truly want for ourselves, the more authentic and meaningful of lives we will truly lead; thus, transforming into that greatest version of ourselves. Life becomes easier when you do not wear a mask.

Now that I have developed keener discernment to energies around me and am sharper at deciphering intentions, manipulation and what overall feels “right” to me, I do a better job of aligning my actions with my intentions.  So, keep developing your discernment skills by going within and connecting with God source. If you feel stuck, go within, ask God, does this align with my intentions, goals, desires and higher self? If it does not, walk away.

After all, you are the author or hero and creator of your story. Live your best life and fly like an eagle. Know that you are free to be who you want to be. When you follow your own lead, know that you cannot go wrong when you do what’s best for you. God and the divine team will oversee your journey!

Believe it and You Will Achieve it!

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