“The Powerful Effects of Spiritual Warfare: God Has the Final Judgment” by Maria Khaled RD, LD


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Spiritual Warfare is real. If you are a lightworker, star seed, chosen one, spiritualist, higher vibrational being who understands the depth of spiritual warfare, you may also understand the part of the enemy’s mission is to stop other higher vibrational beings, lightworkers, chosen ones from coming together and raising the vibration of the planet. Unfortunately, the enemy does not want higher vibrational beings to come together to do their mission. The mission to help awaken the masses and elevate consciousness. Unfortunately, the enemy would prefer people remain unawakened and unenlightened.

The reason is because they do not want old cycles to have to end. Lightworkers, Chosen Ones, Starseeds, Higher Vibrational beings are meant to be Generational curse breakers. It is up to us to rid the planet of these old cycles and start new beginnings. The goal for all is to no longer remain in toxic relationships for status quo and keep old cycles repeating themselves so nobody evolves and transforms.

Again, the enemy does not want us lightworkers and divine beings to wake up and they definitely do not want us to awaken the masses. Ask yourself, why does the enemy want to keep us stuck and apart from those we love? Our light very much irritates their demons and they know we have a greater purpose sent to us by the Divine. Once we come together, we are more powerful and can spread more light, awaken the masses, continue to raise the vibration of the planet and help transform people into the greatest version of themselves!

Black Magic and witchcraft are unfortunately still being performed by those on the darker sides to stop light beings from ascending and raising the vibration of the planet. On my own journey, since I have awaken and become enlightened, I finally understand the power of black magic. As chosen ones, lightworkers, we are the truth seekers meant to expose the darkness around us. We are the generational curse breakers meant to break cycles and expose the dark truths.

Black magic, gang stalkers, lying, identity theft, stealing, are some of the tactics used to halt and stagnate individuals on their journey. I have personally seen these tactics on my own starseed journey. People put magic on these individuals, such as jar spells to keep someone stuck, separation spells to keep higher vibration beings from coming together in divine love to awaken the masses, death spells, dry spells to block money, love spells to block divine counterpart love, health blockages and destruction overall. The energy put into this can be monumental and the best protection is prayer, taking spiritual baths/showers with sea salt, crystals, sage, palo santo, burning white candles and keeping in touch with the divine and your spirit team.

The goal is to continue on your spiritual path and continue taking spiritual baths/showers with sea salt, praying to God and your divine team, using crystals, sage, palo santo, burning white candles while praying and manifesting, and reciting “Return to sender” as only love and light is allowed in my energy field. Any dark energies are rebuked and return to the sender.

Overall, us lightworkers, chosen ones, star seeds and higher vibrational beings are meant to raise the vibration of the planet, break old cycles and be the “generational curse breakers.” We are meant to break the toxic cycles of our families whether that be addictions, co-dependency, narcissism, bigotry, elitist notions and not transforming into the greatest version of ourselves. It is now time to finally heed the call and our soul’s yearning to do this.

The Most High wants us to step into our calling and do the right thing by going within, stand in our power, and release what no longer serves us. We are divine infinite beings with limitless potential and should not give our power away. I know it took me a while on my own journey to really embrace this notion as a lightworker, star seed or chosen one.

Rise up now and let’s fulfill our calling to create a better planet for ourselves and the next generation. I cannot stress this message more. We must have faith in God and the Universe in order to manifest the destiny we desire and deserve. NO More being stuck in old cycles. Whatever was taken from us will be returned through the Grace of God. Divine Justice is here and for those who are unwilling to heal and transform, justice and judgment is being called. No more cloaking your energy and throwing stones and hiding your hands. Whatever is done in the dark will come to light and all will be exposed. If you got away with things in the past regarding black magic and witchcraft, do not think it went unnoticed. All is seen by the Most High and everyone will be judged.

Access will be denied to those beings looking into others, especially divine being’s akashic records, and any spiritual gifts of those abusing spiritual laws will be removed. Therefore, one will not know what is coming or going on behind the scenes of any divine being’s journey and need to be forced to heal themselves.

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