The Symbolism of Hurricanes: Overcoming Hurricane Ian

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As Hurricane Ian has now passed through Florida, it has left devastation to many living on the South coast. My prayers go out to all those people who were heavily hit and lost homes and businesses due to this Category 4 Hurricane, just shy of Category 5, being seen as a once in an every 500-year event/flood.

It got me thinking as to what do hurricanes symbolize? Hurricanes are completely unstoppable in life. Pressure is normally low when the hurricane originates consisting of high velocity winds. The hurricane symbol represents the “hidden shadow” and is warning that one needs to be seeing something deeper spiritually. 

The hurricane symbol also represents fear, change, new start and wisdom, as well as spiritual individualism. Although unstoppable and unpredictable, there is a caution and some basic level of preparation that can be done to be safe during this catastrophic event- however, not all things can be saved (unfortunately homes and businesses and there were some unfortunate casualties whom did not survive).

It has been suggested that hurricanes represent the mother goddess in life that has been associated with “rebirth” due to it’s spiral shape. The eye of the storm has been interpreted as a symbol and key to rebirth, as well as spiritual enlightenment.

Interestingly enough, because of the connection between the eye of the storm and “mother goddess” we associate hurricanes with feminine symbolism. Hurricanes are also known to indicate hidden intuition and dark concepts. The dark will always come to light, as the Universe shows us through synchronicities, even life changing events, what needs to be focused in on.

As I proceed on my journey and see all of the synchronicities the Universe is sending my way, I realize that there are no coincidences in life and everything does truly happen for a reason. As the heavy rains from this Hurricane cause damage and unfortunate destruction, they also cleanse our surroundings. Water helps purify and renew, leading to a rebirth and starting a new beginning.

As difficult as the journey may appear for ‘chosen ones, lightworkers, starseeds and healers, divine timing is here. For those who have done the inner work, expect those generational curses to be broken. Old cycles are ending and it is now time to embrace the new. 

This is a tremendously important time and the scales of justice are now being balanced. Expect the Divine to work in miraculous ways and God to work wonders in your life. Keep moving forward, overcoming all obstacles and transforming into that greatest version of yourself!

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