Mind, Body and Soul Alignment: The Journey of the Chosen One, Lightworker, and Starseeds by Maria Khaled RD, LD

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I was thinking recently about the journey of the lightworker, chosen one, and starseeds’ path and felt guided to write an article/blog post about the difficult challenges. Why do I feel called to write about this? It is because I want to validate other’s experiences that may have endured similar obstacles that have hindered them on their own journey and inhibited them in some way, shape and form from transforming into the greatest version of themselves. 

My spiritual message that I discussed today relates to the challenges that lightworkers, chosen ones and starseeds go through and the importance of knowing that it is all part of the “destined path” meant for these spiritual beings living a human existence.

Have you ever felt like you were different from others and had unique gifts such as being very empathic, highly intuitive, possessing gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, among the other clair abilities (7 in total) and many may have them to differing degrees. Did you ever feel there was more of a meaning to life than what meets the eye? If so, you may fall into one of the categories of being a lightworker, starseed, chosen one, or healer here to help raise the vibration of the planet and help people ascend.

What comes along with the territory is not always as pleasant as it may seem. As I mentioned the obstacles that we are faced with are truly great. Funny thing is I did not realize the greatness of these obstacles until I truly awakened and became enlightened. What I want to say is that one great obstacle on the journey is the goal of making you feel small or insecure, dimming your light is all to make you doubt your self-worth. Also, to make you not move forward on your journey and soul mission here on this earth, but to stay stuck in the matrix of illusions- believing the manipulation and deceit laid out in front of us.

It is truly to make one feel insecure and not realize their true value on this earth. It is a manipulation or illusion tactic meant to confuse lightworkers, starseeds, chosen ones from knowing who they truly are and helping others ascend and become the greatest versions of themselves. You are a true beacon of light, meant to shine and raise the vibration of the planet, helping others to know their true self-worth and come into self-love and oneness of their own. Only when we awaken can we truly come to really know this and understand it.

People unfortunately feel intimidated or threatened by lightworkers, chosen ones and starseeds at times because they are different and their aura feels different. Since we fear what we do not know, they feel threatened or intimidated by them and many times doing everything possible such as making them feel unworthy, insecure, unacknowledged and even invisible at times. I like to equate this to the Ascended Master and struggles of Jesus Christ. The persecution was truly great and for true followers of Christianity, we understand the important significance of this.

The amount of persecution Jesus endured was truly great. However, God does not give any battle or challenge to anyone he does not feel can handle it. God gives his greatest battles to his strongest soldiers, and we are the spiritual warriors or gladiators fighting for this mission on the earth, as well as the spiritual realm. Just like Jesus did, dying on the cross due to persecution, and rising to save us takes true perseverance and strength. Just like we, God’s true followers, can rise from the ashes and help save this planet by truly being who we were meant to be on this earth.

True followers of God and the Divine are on the good side of this spiritual battle. As we know it is all about intention. If we do things with pure intention, this is felt. However, masking, manipulation, deceit and illusion have become tactics thrown out to lightworkers and the like, to disguise intentions and stop them from raising the vibrations and allowing others on earth to heal.

Although these acts may appear as positive on the outward, the true meaning behind it is not always such and truly meant to hinder lightworkers, chosen ones, starseeds on their own journey and this is not something I was aware of until I truly woke up and became enlightened myself. I did not realize how deep the manipulation and deceit truly ones against target individuals such as lightworkers, chosen ones, and starseeds- doing everything possible to make you doubt who you are and what you are here for!

My message to you is that you are truly worthy of all that you desire and are special. You are a spiritual being living a human existence meant to raise the vibration of the planet and help people ascend. Do not buy into the illusions of feeling less than, unworthy, insecure, invisible, unacknowledged, and silenced as we may often be forced to deal with. You have the power within you to break through the illusion and see past the veil- doing what you were meant to do here on this earth- not allowing any obstacle or challenge to stop you.

You truly are true beacons of light and once you realize this is all part of the destined path of the lightworkers, starseed, and chosen one’s journey, you’ll realize there is nothing wrong with you. You are living your mission and all of the struggles and obstacles that come along with the lightworker’s destined journey- similar to that of Jesus Christ- having to endure challenges unlike any other and persecuted in every way, shape and form that you can imagine!

I integrate these spiritual messages in my Nutrition Wellness practice and want to help people align mind, body and soul, as well as physically lose weight and transform into the greatest version of yourself. Keep spreading your beautiful light and raising the frequency and vibration of the planet- not letting anything stop you! As difficult of a challenge this is, you have the power within you to do it!

Believe it and You Will Achieve it!

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