Mind, Body and Soul – Spiritual Path of the Lightworker: Breaking Generational Curses by Maria Khaled RD, LD

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As we know, all lightworkers, starseeds, anointed ones, and chosen ones have a more difficult path than the average person. As we awaken to our spiritual path and become enlightened, we are also faced with the task of realizing that we are the ones in our bloodlines to “break generational curses.”

We are not only the black sheep in our families, but generational curse breakers, meant to raise the vibration, spread love and light, be our most authentic selves and very importantly, break these “generational curses” placed on our bloodlines for centuries. An example of a generational curse would be being in a family that stays in toxic relationships only to hold on to an old paradigm of co-dependency.

Instead of releasing what no longer serves us, refusing to shift from these old paradigms into new paradigms that serve our highest good, is partly what allows these generational curses to continue from cycle to cycle. It is up to us, the lightworkers and chosen ones, to break these curses and toxic bloodlines to release the old and transition into our higher selves- breaking the curse for future generations to come.

It is only until we do this, can we feel most liberated and free. The feeling of “freedom” is unlike any other and is a “huge blessing.” Once awakened, enlightened and aware of our spiritual path, we are on our way to freedom and living our most authentic life. We can no longer be fooled, nobody can steal our destiny or energy and all illusions will be removed.

We become the masters of our destiny and achieve our spiritual ranking. Anybody sending evil or dark magic our way, whatever ill-will is wished upon us, will be returned to sender a thousand fold. All wolves in sheeps’ clothing will be seen for who they truly are. Our intuition and third eye is now at an all time high and all masks are removed. People will be seen for who they truly are and what is done in the dark, will come to light. People will reap what they sew and always remember, a delay is not a denial.

Whatever was taken from us on our path, know that a delay in our destiny is not a denial. What was lost will be returned to us ten fold. The Most High is the final judge and judgment will be called on all evildoers. This is the season to reap what we sew.

Remember what we put out into the Universe is what ultimately comes back to us. If we’ve been planting seeds of positivity, we will be blessed with positivity. If we’ve been planting negativity and wishing ill-will, it will hit back. It’s as simple as this. Stay strong, positive and keep transforming into that greatest version of yourself on our journey to a healthier mind, body and soul.


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