FNCE 2019- What Is FNCE and Let’s Take A Look

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FNCE 2019- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

What Happened At FNCE in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania At A Glance

What is FNCE? Let me explain…. I traveled to Philadelphia on October 25 -29 (Friday through Tuesday evening) to attend a FNCE- Food and Nutrition Conference in Philadelphia. These FNCE conferences are mainly attended by Registered Dietitians, Dietetic Technicians, and Food and Nutrition Professionals to stay abreast or on the cutting edge of what is taking place in the world of Nutrition and Dietetics. By attending, one can network with other colleagues, take a look at the most current research, promote new products at the expo, and importantly, earn CEU credits towards keeping up with their credentials. Wonderful reasons to attend FNCE when you can!

Over 9,000 people attended FNCE in Philadelphia and much was discussed and presented. There were many presentations on topics that I learned advances in including prebiotics, probiotics, speaking to lead, obesity treatments, ketogenic diet, protein, taking your business the distance, as well as the actual expo where many new products were in the spotlight.

Love This– This is actually how the honey looks in the honeycomb that honey bees make. Honey has been linked to health benefits and improved heart health. Honey is great in many teas and should be used in moderation due to the high sugar and calorie content.

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Organic Whole Wheat and Whole Grains to sample at FNCE- good source of fiber!

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What Kind of Bean Are YOU? As we know, beans are high in fiber and are good sources of plant based protein. They are high in iron and magnesium as well. After taking the bean personality test, I discovered that I am a Black Bean- friendly, personable, outgoing with a few other traits that I did not get a chance to read. You gotta love the shirt… I know I do! I love BEAN a Dietitian (pictured above).

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I had the pleasure of visiting the Rocky steps and Rocky statue to satisfy my craving, as well as the Art Museum (located inside) for my all time favorite movie. It was a lot of fun and very memorable. Rocky is such a symbol of hard work, determination, and the epitome of the underdog striving to overcome challenges and prevailing in the end. He does transform and slowly becomes the best version of himself. Very inspirational to me and many who love this award winning movie!


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This is a Rocky plaque that speaks about a famous quote. “It’s not how hard you hit, It’s How Hard You Can Get Hit And Keep Moving Forward. That’s How Winning is Done.” I love this quote as it relates to life and wellness in that it is in the struggles, we grow and become stronger. Pushing on and overcoming the obstacles is challenging, but with will, perseverance, resilience, and dedication, all is possible and we slowly evolve into who we were meant to be. All can prevail with this positive mindset!



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